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Google vs. Bing? Which One Are Your Customers Using?

People often ask us if we recommend Google or Bing – or both, for their pay-per-click advertising campaigns. It’s a good question, as different types of people use different search engines, so it all depends where you’re most likely to reach your customers. In this post we’ll compare user traits and demographics between Google and […]

New Website for Oegema, Nicholson & Associates

We are very excited and proud to announce the launch of the brand new website for Oegema Nicholson & Associates – Ottawa’s largest independent insurance broker. We designed their previous website several years ago, and although that website served them very well for quite some time, we all know that evolution on the web happens […]

  • FB Targeting

Facebook Advertising: Forced Upon Us, But it Works

They say 2014 will be the year of social media advertising, especially as Facebook decreases organic exposure for business pages while they continually refine and improve their advertising and targeting options. This is frustrating to those who’ve worked so hard to grow their page organically, but on the other hand, Facebook ads are driving real […]

SEO vs. PPC – Which is the Better Investment?

Search engine optimization (SEO) includes the activities relating to improving your ranking position in search engines to generate more free traffic, while pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows you to place your ad in search results and pay for each click you get. They are very different, and both effective in their own way, but which is […]

  • How Social Media Affects SEO

How Social Media Will Affect SEO in 2014

This is an increasingly important question to ask, because indeed, social media is more and more so affecting the way your website ranks in search engines and thus giving all the more reason for businesses to adopt social media if they haven’t already. Why Social Media Matters to Your Website Google’s algorithm is all about […]

  • Internet Marketing Trends 2014

7 Internet Marketing Tactics & Trends for 2014

The ways we track user information and how we can use that information are evolving all the time. While traditional marketing mediums like TV, radio, newspapers are pretty consistent, there is always something new in the world of internet marketing. Here are the top 7 internet marketing trends and tactics that are set to make […]

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Mobile Websites More Important Than Ever

We all know that having a mobile-friendly website is important, but just how important is it? Well, for the first time ever, mobile users have become the majority for online shopping, overtaking desktops. So over half of the people who visit your online store are now doing so from their tablet or cell phone. Do […]

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The Psychology of Web Design

When you know more about how people look at a website, what catches their attention, what appeals to their senses, and what spurs them into action, we can create more effective website designs. Psychology is a complicated and thorough subject on its own, but even incorporating some basic principles and common sense into your next […]