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  • Shopify vs WooCommerce

Shopify Vs WooCommerce – What’s Best For Your Business?

We work with two of the most popular and fastest growing e-commerce platforms on the market, Shopify and WooCommerce. Each solution offers many benefits and features but deciding which option to go with depends on your individual needs. Let’s compare the features of each platform and look at how to choose the best e-commerce solution […]

2017 Web Trends – What Can We Expect?

With 2016 wrapping up and the world quickly moving into 2017, our minds can’t help but start wandering and wondering about what exciting possibilities the new year will bring. The world of digital marketing is no exception. Online trends come and go, and some long-time running ones like responsive design are here to stay – […]

The Death of The Homepage Slider

As Web Designers, Developers, and Online Marketers, our primary role is to identify potential issues in your campaign or website and help improve your users’ overall digital experience. Many business owners believe that the best way to win over potential customers is to throw the most info out there as quickly as possible, and try […]

Virtual Reality as a Business Tool – The Future is Now!

It sounds like science fiction, but virtual reality technology is already here. VR (as it’s referred to), and Augmented Reality are definitely the next big technologies to change the way we do business. They will without a doubt create new experiences and define new interactions. Some simpler experiences are already very easy to create. But what if all major […]

How to Get More Leads & Increase Your Sales Funnel: Contact Forms & Conversion Optimization

Regardless of your website’s business objectives, having a contact form is an integral part of enabling your visitors to get in touch with your organization. In those instances where a phone call might be considered too much effort, and an email too vague, having a contact form allows your website’s visitors to leave a brief […]

Back to Basics: Planning Your Digital Marketing Campaign – Segmenting Data, Measuring Results, and Continuous Improvement

Over the last two blog posts, we’ve laid down the foundation for our Digital Marketing Plan by figuring out what we want our website to do, established goals we want it to accomplish, and discovered the KPI we wish to measure our progress against. This final installment in this series of blog posts will focus […]