Shopping Carts and E-Commerce

When it comes to e-commerce systems, we've done it all - from simple to sophisticated shopping carts, to invoice payment and online donation systems. Whether you're a business or a non-profit, e-commerce is becoming the wave of the future, helping to streamline processes and speed-up cash flow. You can count on us to implement a user-friendly and secure system that will meet all the industry standards to be PCI-DSS compliant.

Which is Right for You?

E-Commerce doesn't necessarily mean you have to sell online. It can also just be a way of collecting payments, such as for invoices or donations. Either way, e-commerce is proving time and again to be an efficiency-boosting business practice.

High-end shopping cart

If you measure your inventory in the hundreds or thousands and require a centralized place to manage all your products and reporting, you will be looking at a database-driven shopping cart system. These level of shopping carts give you the control and flexibility you need to manage large volumes, such as real-time shipping calculations, advanced product features, and sophisticated SEO.

Basic shopping cart

If you have under 50 products, then a more basic shopping cart solution would be a better fit for you. These solutions will not give you as many advanced controls and features as a more high-end shopping cart, but they can be very good for what they're worth. The most popular shopping carts in the world fall into this category.

Order form

If you only have a couple products that are generally not purchased together (a book, online course, digital download, etc.) then you might not even need a shopping cart. A simple - albeit secure, order form will do the job just fine.

Registration system

Online registration systems are specific to organizations offering paid events, seminars and courses, and can also be integrated with a membership database when applicable (example: purchase a monthly membership to access our educational materials).

Donation systems

Online donation systems are an essential tool for any charity or non-profit, as you are creating a more convenient, secure, and immediate way for people to give you their money. Such systems can include re-occurring monthly donations along with many other options specific to your organization.

Invoice payments

Accepting invoice payments online is an instant way for service businesses to increase cash flow and reduce manual work associated with processing cheques and accepting credit cards over the phone. All the clients we've implemented invoice payment systems for are very expressive of how much time it's saved them.

Interested in learning more about how a e-commerce can benefit your business? Get in touch today or tell us about your requirements online. We'll be happy to help!