Disaster Recovery

Your company's email, website and databases are backed up on a failover server in a different physical location on a regular basis.

In the event of severe weather event or a server or data center failure, your business can be back up and running within minutes - including full website, all company emails, and web databases.



Why Disaster Recovery?

Have you ever had your computer unexpectedly crash, losing your data or at the least causing inconvenience and money to retrieve the data? Imagine this, but to your business data. If a natural disaster or even human or hardware error were to happen to the data center, you could potentially lose some very critical information, including all company emails, the website, and databases. And it's not just losing data that's the issue. If a disaster were to occur, it also means your website and company emails are down. We don't mean to scare you - we're just trying to prepare you, because no one controls the woes of nature.

You Can Recover!

Most hosting providers offer weekly backups, but what they don't tell you is that they're backing up your data in the same data center (often even on the same server). This means all your data is dependent on this one physical machine or location. If the server is damaged or the data center gets wiped out by a hurricane, so does your data.

We make our backups to a different datacenter altogether

Through our Disaster Recovery program, we make full backups to a separate data center in a completely different geographic location. Thus, if anything happens to your first data center, we have your business back up and running within minutes at our the other data center. Nothing is lost and most importantly business continues.

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