WordPress Upgrades and Protection Packages

To ensure your peace of mind and to secure and protect your WordPress website, we are offering monthly WordPress upgrade and protection packages. The WordPress platform, and most WordPress plugins are constantly being updated in order to keep your website secure and running efficiently. In order to ensure the security of your WordPress website, and proper functionality, these updates need to be installed frequently (up to 12 times per year) by an experienced WordPress administrator.

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Monthly Price $250/month $120/month $40/month
WordPress updates
Scheduled monthly updates to WordPress core files, themes and plugins, with back-up and roll-down to previous versions, in case of conflicts.
Security Patches application
Ad-hoc security updates to core files, themes and plugins as soon as a major version or security patch is available.
WordPress password discovery attacks prevention
Enable features to limit the number of login attempts from a given IP range within a certain time period and conceal the administration and login screen from intruders.
Antivirus, Malware Scanning & Removal
Quickly repair the most common forms of website infection by opting in for ongoing malware scanning and clean-up in case of infection.
Blacklist monitoring
Get notified if your website gets negatively flagged in major blacklists with a security related issue and get help with getting off the blacklist.
Website Security Monitoring
Monitoring and logging security related events and file integrity within your site to be able to diagnose the issue in case of compromise.
Disaster Recovery *
Full backups to a separate data center in a completely different geographic location with free unlimited restorations of the most recent copy of the site.
High availability *
In case of high traffic or technical issues in one server location, your website cuts over to be served from another, faster location.
WordPress-specific Firewall *
Advanced and powerful feature to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your website and common attacks against WordPress.
Database Optimization
Removing unnecessary plugins, purging comments marked as spam and all Post & Page revisions to optimize site’s performance.
WordPress Assistance (no roll over)
Get additional training, content or templates updates, plugin installs, small adjustments to scripts and templates to work with new browsers, etc.
1 hour/month 0.5 hour/month
Additional Web Maintenance Hours
Purchase additional maintenance blocks of 4, 12 or 24 hours and as long as you have your monthly secure package subscription, your hours will never expire.
no expiry no expiry no expiry
Subscribe $250/month Subscribe $120/month Subscribe $40/month

* “Disaster Recovery”, “High availability”, “WordPress-specific Firewall” features are only available to ABORG hosting clients. If you are interested in switching your hosting to a WordPress-friendly host, we can offer all new monthly subscribers a free migration services and Standard Hosting Package (Value $195/year)

Payment terms:
All packages are billed monthly and can be cancelled at any time with 30 days notice. The cost of license renewals for your themes and plugins (if required) are not included in the monthly management fee. This package comes with a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.