Google Partners Connect Home Services Recap

As an official Google Partner we have the privilege of attending Google Partner events throughout the year. This past week the event was centered on the “Home Services” sector, and we must say that the landscape of the industry is starting to evolve. We wanted to take this opportunity to share a summary of key points and findings that were provided during the event. One of the overarching themes of the event was regarding the Changes in consumer behavior. So exactly how is consumer behavior changing? Here are the three key takeaways explaining the change:

1) Consumers now have control and convenience with 24/7 access to information

The average number of resources checked prior to a home service purchase is now 22.4. This is mainly due in part to fast pace lifestyles and around the clock access to the internet from mobile devices. Statistics show that mobile search is growing at incredible rates and is creating an immediacy of action among the consumer.

2) They have more options, are informed and aware

Consumers are now more in control than ever. Before making a final purchasing decision the consumer can now consider far more options in a shorter amount of time. In fact, when an individual searches for the term home services the average number of businesses considered for transactions is 1.2. The reason for this is that buyers have access to most information they need digitally and are making a much more informed decisions before making that first point of contact. With the transparency of the internet people are more prone to leaving reviews, good or bad, about the experiences they share with your business, so superior customer service has never been more important.

3) High Expectations “extraordinary is the new ordinary”

Consumers have high expectations, they want things in the now as quickly as possible and demand amazing results at the best pricing possible. Google mentions that these unscripted decisions lead to consumers being more loyal to the need in the moment versus a particular brand.

With all these factors acting as the many cause for the changes in consumer behavior it’s becoming imperative if not mandatory that businesses focus on reaching the right customers. More specifically, this means reaching them in the right moments at the exact time of a query, especially if they want to stay relevant.

A staggering 2% of home services companies are set up to identify, deliver on, and measure when these moments may occur. That means an astounding 98% of companies in this space are not maximizing the resources available to capture customers when they’re searching for services related to those businesses. Be there when a prospect customer needs you!

The rational of investing in a Google Partner is so important because these are the qualified experts that have the knowledge, desire, resources and time to allocate to running a successful campaign for your company. As a Google Partner, we follow Googles advertising best practices, are AdWords certified, manage a significant adwords investment and have proven to help businesses succeed online time and time again. Contact ABORG today if you would like to better service your customers online!

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