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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing, and in our opinion should be a component of all online marketing strategies. Email marketing lets you stay on top of mind – and inbox – of your customers; an effective way to drive sales, promote repeat business or upsells, or continue your value proposition to your leads who are not yet customers.

Types of Email Marketing

Here at ABORG, we pride ourselves on offering ethical, CASL-compliant email services. This means we only work with opt-in lists, never sells lists, and always follow all the best-practices and regulations. Because of this, our deliverability rate is through the roof.

Here’s how email marketing is commonly used:

  • Direct marketing campaigns.
  • Promotions.
  • Newsletters.
  • Invitations.
  • Service announcements.

How it Works

All of our email marketing campaigns follow this process:

  1. Email list and message is provided.
  2. Setup and testing.
  3. HTML creative design.
  4. List cleanup and sorting.
  5. The broadcast itself.
  6. Tracking of opens, bounce backs, etc.

We can work with you on regular, consistent email marketing campaigns or even as a single broadcast.

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CASL Compliance Service

As a new addition to our service offering as prompted by the recent Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), we are happy to introduce the CASL Compliance Service, designed to help companies achieve proper compliance from their email subscription lists and maintain as many of these subscribers as possible through a strategic opt-in approach, as well as refine future processes for receiving and opting-in new subscribers.

Canada Anti Spam Legislation (CASL)What is CASL?

This is the new Canada Anti-Spam Legislation which governs how companies send promotional electronic communications, such as emails and even text messages. This new law comes into effect July 1, 2014, but there is in fact a 3 year grace period to get your email list completely ‘opted-in’. That being said, you’re better to begin this process sooner than later. And we can help.

For more details on the specifics of CASL, please read this blog post of ours.

The Process for Compliance

Below is the process this service follows to get your policies and current email lists up to code and compliance:

  1. We start by assessing your current email list(s) and segmenting emails by those which have explicit, recorded consent, and those which do not.
  2. We then add these lists to a secure and trusted tool (we recommend MailChimp, Campaigner, and Mail Poet), to effectively keep records of your subscribers’ compliance (a requirement) as well as give you the ability to send professional email campaigns. We can also work with your existing email campaign tool if you already have one.
  3. Then we help devise a strategy to convert the non-consented emails from your list to officially opted-in. This is likely the most valuable part of this service, as ideally you don’t want to lose any subscribers during this process and through a strategic approach we can give you the best chance possible of maintaining them.
  4. At the end we compile and organize your fully opted-in emails into appropriate lists, which you can continue to send promotional email campaigns to. We will also review your current process for accepting future email subscribers and provide any recommendations for best practices.

All in all, we will be your consultants and marketers in helping you continue to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns while meeting compliance of the new anti-spam legislation.

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