High Availability

When having your website up and running all the time is critical to your business’ daily operations, our ‘High Availability’ service ensures your website will virtually never go down.

Using a sophisticated system which replicates your website across the cloud, if your website experiences high traffic or technical issues in one location, it immediately cuts over to be served from another, faster location. This means your website is always online and always at peak performance.


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Why High Availability

The benefits should be obvious, but here’s some reasons businesses choose our High Availability option:

  • You run an ecommerce store and any downtime means lost revenue.
  • You have regular spikes in traffic for important information (press releases).
  • You have a strong brand and don’t want your image to be tarnished by a ‘website unavailable’ error.
  • You’re anticipating a big break (news coverage, etc) that will sky rocket your business, and want to prepare for the traffic spike without worrying the website will go down.

How it Works

  • A daily copy of your website is taken from the main server and replicated across various locations.
  • When someone visits your website, it will automatically serve them the site from the faster location.
  • So if your main location goes down or has technical difficulties, visitors will be automatically redirected to another version that’s fast and functioning well.

Visitors won’t even notice what’s happening. All they will know is that your website is fast and reliable.

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