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Website or Marketing Audits & Analysis

When you want to make your website or online marketing strategy work better for you, we can provide an in-depth analysis of your site or marketing initiatives that will give light to new opportunities for improvement – whether in the form of search engine optimization, usability, design, content, online advertising, social marketing, or conversion optimization. One of our core competences is strategy, so you can trust our diverse expertise.

What We Deliver

After reviewing whichever elements below you would like to be evaluated, we present to you a full report including all our research and recommendations, which you can then take with you to use at your own discretion, or employ us to execute. It’s up to you what you would like to do with it.

Our Audit & Analysis Services

There is no set structure to what it is we will evaluate for you, since our clients generally always have their own unique mix of activities that they wish to have reviewed. Here are some of the main areas we can lend our expertise to, yet most of our analysis services are a combination of the following.


After reviewing the goals of your website, we can take a close look at its inner workings and how visitors behave when on the site using such tools as Google Analytics. We develop visitor flow charts and other reports which together give us a full picture of what’s happening on the site. Then we put our expert team of marketers and strategists to work to identify the opportunities for improvement. Some areas we can be of particular usefulness include, but are not limited to:

  • Design: we pride ourselves on our cutting-edge web design and knowledge of the latest design trends hitting the web. If you’re looking to have the design of your website reflect your brand image, we can recommend what design changes will achieve this.
  • Content: your website content can make a big difference to how you communicate your selling points and how well you rank in search engines. With a mix of writers, editors, and marketers on staff, we can recommend how best to optimize and structure your content for effective marketing appeal and keyword use.
  • Usability: with our own certified usability analyst on staff, we can provide a full overview of how people are using your website or system, and how their experience might be optimized in conjunction with what you would like them to do.
  • Conversion optimization: if one of the goals of your website is to influence visitors to perform certain actions once on the site (such as making a purchase), we can recommend ways of facilitating and encouraging desired user behaviour. For instance, if you’re looking to optimize your shopping cart checkout process, we look at a variety of factors that affect conversion, such as the number of steps, messaging on each step, colour use, amount of information gathered, etc.


Our audit services are not just limited to websites, since neither is our expertise. We have a heavy marketing focus here at ABORG, and would be happy to help recommend or assist you with optimizing your marketing efforts for a better return on investment. Some of our marketing evaluation services include:

  • Adwords campaigns: we take a close look at your current and historical Adwords campaigns, and conduct our own research using our tools. We then put together a recommendations report on how to make it perform better, including keyword lists, optimization techniques, and campaign settings/structure recommendations.
  • Search engine optimization: how are visitors finding your site in search engines? What opportunities are there for users to find it more often? And which keywords should you optimize your site for to improve conversions? These are all questions we ask and answer in our search engine optimization analysis.
  • Social media strategy: we take a look at your entire social media presence across the web and evaluate how it’s currently performing and how it could be better. We then recommend a comprehensive, concrete strategy to follow that will promote more engagement, growth, and benefit for your business.
  • Reputation management: when online reviews make a big difference to the success of your business, we can help suggest a strategy for growing and promoting positive online reviews and managing any negative reviews.

Interested in our audit and analysis services? Request a quote online or get in touch if you have further questions.