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Custom Programming & Functionality

The great thing about the web is that anything is possible – if you have the means. The other great thing about the web is that there are plenty of pre-developed pieces of functionality (plugins, modules, etc) that might already do just what you’re looking for. Whether you need a custom solution from scratch, or just the integration of an existing plugin, anything is possible for our programmers.

Which is Right For You?

Sometimes you may not know whether the functionality or process you’re seeking to develop needs to be done from scratch or already exists as a plugin that can be integrated into your website. For whatever it is you’re looking to create, we will research all the possibilities and present you the options along with the pros and cons of each so you can make an educated decision.

Custom Programming from Scratch

Obviously the more expensive option is when we develop something from scratch, but then again the possibilities are limitless (except mind-reading programs, we don’t do those). This is typically when you are looking for something specific that does not already exist – or at least not in the form you desire.

Plugin & Module Integration

For a platform like WordPress, there are over 20,000 plugins available. This is both a benefit and a challenge, as finding the perfect one can sometimes be difficult. We can help you discover the plugin(s) necessary to acheive the functionality you’re looking for and integrate them seamlessly into your system.

For example, we developed the website,, which features a custom-programmed search functionality that allows users to search for a villa rental using several criteria, including number of bedrooms, price range, and features. Through our research we identified there were a few plugins which could do something similar, but they didn’t have the flexibility we needed to deliver what the client was looking for. Therefore, we custom-programmed the search function ourselves.

More Recent Examples

  • Various full-fledged membership systems that include real-time payment integration.
  • A secure, custom voting system for a nation-wide art contest by the National Gallery of Canada.
  • An online portal that connects young soccer players with recruiters through video profiles.
  • Two separate database-driven search functions for real estate and vacation property listings.
  • An online hearing test for the Robillard Hearing Centres.
  • A custom order management system for a business courier and logistics company.
  • An advanced, scalable registration system for a non-profit organization that receives huge spikes in traffic.
  • An online education portal for paid members.
  • As well as a variety of other tools such as business directories, job boards, forums, surveys, etc.

  • FPAC
  • Avaleris
  • Gradient Wind
  • Libertas
  • CAA North and East Ontario
  • Hawthorne

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If you have an advanced system you’d like developed, get in touch or submit a request online and we’ll be happy to review more details with you.